Republican Party divided as conservative group forms to stop Donald Trump

A group of Republicans have come together to mount what they have described as a resolute opposition aimed at stopping the front-runner of their party Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential ticket if he doesn’t reach the 1237 delegate threshold at the on-going primaries.

This comes even as the Democratic Party maintains its united stand in the face of the fierce competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

The group which calls itself Republicans United Against Trump are pushing for a unity candidate against front-runner Donald Trump, and they say this unity candidate could come from either past candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, or the 2 remaining candidates challenging Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

One problem the group faces is actually getting the candidates to bury their ambitions to come together to support only one person. Would Ted Cruz who currently has the second biggest tally of delegates, agree to step down for a unity candidate Jeb Bush, who is more loved and trusted by the Republican establishment, for instance?

The conservative group have not ruled out a third party attempt if they fail to stop Trump at a contested convention. But while that may stop Trump, it will most likely stop their own candidate too, and guarantee the White House to the Democrats for another 4 years (remember Ross Perot and George Bush senior in 1992). Well, that’s their stated objective, right? To Stop Trump.


Read more about the group: Conservatives’ anti-Trump joint statement calls for unity – POLITICO

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