President Buhari Wins Award For Successful Fight Against Polio 

Nigeria’s President Buhari has been presented with an award, the Polio Championships Award for his efforts to ensure the eradication of polio, a disease which often paralyses, and sometimes kills its victims.

Although past Nigerian administrations have indeed done a lot to ensure that Nigeria is currently polio-free, President Buhari’s efforts are especially noteworthy, as he showed great public commitment to the fight against the disease by actions like immunising his young daughter in his village, a move which encouraged many to bring out their wards for immunization.

Due to moves like Buhari’s efforts, there has not been a case of polio in Nigeria since 2014, even as more  efforts to ensure the permanent absence of polio in Nigeria has been urged.

The award which was given to Buhari by Rotary International, has been won by such past world leaders as Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany; David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain; Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland; and Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General.

Congrats President Buhari, and please do more so that you can write your name in more gold, add more feathers to your cap and make your supporters and other Nigerians more and more proud.

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