$30 million tennis star Maria Sharapova in hot water, as sponsors cut ties

Maria Sharapova, who admitted she has been taken a banned substance has began losing endorsement deals quickly. Sprotwear company Nike, which has been with her since she was 11 has suspended ties, and Porsche, which had her as its first female ambassador has also cut ties with her.

Maria Sharapva is one of the highest paid sportsters, earning close to $30 million last year from match winnings and endorcements, but now it seems all those sources of cash are about to dry up. In this social media environment, copanies are very quick to dump celebrities who don’t meet up to the mark, and that is just what Maria Sharapova of Russia is experiencing right now.


See more about how these companies have dumped her: Maria Sharapova: Nike, Tag Heuer and Porsche distance themselves following drugs test – BBC News

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