Republican Establishment Using Kryptonite To Weaken Superman Trump

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Sunday’s Maine Caucus, while Marco Rubio easily beat Donald Trump in Hispanic-dominated US Common Wealth of Puerto Rico in the latest contests in the Democratic and Republican primaries.

What this shows basically is that the contest is not yet over. Donald Trump is going through a poor period as recent attacks by rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio open him up to accusations of being ‘low energy’.

It seems that with his visible decrease of attacks on his opponents and his attempts to start being more presidential (as his wife had advised him) has hurt rather than helped him.

He is no longer seeming like the inevitable front runner he was just after Super Tuesday. What people knew about Trump before was that the more controversy he courted, the more popular he seemed to become, as anti-establishment Republicans saw in him the kind of person that will bring real change. But it seems all the attacks from his enemies – especially as the Republican Establishment gets more desperate to stop him- may have made a little bit of a dent on his energy levels, and his followers don’t like it. The more he dithers and goes back on old promises it seems, the less confident they are about him.

But Trump has 2 advantages that cannot be denied:

  1. The Republican Establishment doesn’t like Ted Cruz, whose strong base is also the anti-establishment Tea Party; and
  2. Trump already has a head-start on states won, so, even with the recent upsurge by Cruz, if he can limp along, stringing out one win in any 2 primaries, he will still do great. But by and by, don’t expect Trump to remain ‘low energy’ for long. Keep you posted.

Ps: The more conventional Trump tries to become, the more the conventionals are able to use electoral kryptonite on him.


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