Mitt Romney pays for mistake of criticizing The Donald (without offering any alternative direction)

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who lost to Barak Obama in 2012,for some reason doesn’t like the Trump candidacy at all.

So, he went out and delivered an anti-Trump speech in which he didn’t give any clear alternatives to a Trump candidacy. It seemed to be an anything-but-Trump speech, as Romney didn’t endorse Rubio or Cruz.

After that Trump chewed him out, characterizing him as someone who was so desperate for power in 2012, he would have done almost anything thing to get an endorsement from him.

You have to give it to The Donald: He has a ready answer for almost anyone who blasts him. Maybe Mitt should have held his options like fellow investors and big-time Republican donors the Koch Brothers, who have decided not to fund any anti-Trump move because they haven’t seen any attack on Trump that stuck. Even former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is wisely looking before he leaps.

The Republican Party should remember that there are dangers in stopping Trump, who can easily do a ‘Ross Perot’ on them. Last word: Mitts attack on Trump did not stick. It slid off. Please any attacks on Trump from now on should come with endorsements of the attacker’s preferred alternative. Thanks.

See part of Mitt’s blast and Trump’s counter blast: Donald Trump: Mitt Romney ‘would have dropped to his knees’ for my endorsement –

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