Fulani Herdsmen Allegedly Butcher Man In Enugu State

An article on Elombah.com says Fulani herdsmen did this to someone at Uzo Uwani, Enugu State.

The article says

It is a fact that the Fulani herdsmen have become more daring of recent, but it is even more ironic that the federal government is doing nothing to curb the menace.

Source: Fulani Herdsmen Butcher Man In Enugu State: Graphic Pics – Crime – Nigeria

There has been so much violence between settlers and Fulani herdsmen in several parts of Nigeria.

There is enough land in Nigeria for the herdsmen to buy and use as cattle ranches like the cowboys do in Texas USA. The Federal Government should persuade them to start buying land for ranches, since this current system is leading to so much violence.

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