China To Invest $60bn In Nigeria And Other African Countries (We Really Need The Cash)

Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Qin Jian said, “(China’s) 10 key cooperation plans with Africa in the fields of industrialisation, agriculture modernisation, infrastructure, etc. will serve as an all-around blueprint for China’s cooperation with Africa in a period to come and symbolise that China-Africa relations will take a big stride and enter a new era.

“To fulfil the 10 plans, China has pledged 60 billion US dollars in development funding to Africa. When carrying out cooperation with Africa, China sticks to the principle of ‘Four noes and three priorities.

’“These include attaching no political conditions, interfering in no African country’s internal affairs, raising no demanding requirements and making no empty promises.”

Nigeria must make sure it benefits from this Chinese $60 billion package. It isn’t stuffed up with unpalatable conditions. We failed to benefit from AGOA when it lasted, and that would have been a great way to diversify Nigeria’s economy. Then we had

Then we had high price of oil as a cushion. Now we don’t. Government should be serious about this Chinese package. We need the money.

Source: China to invest $60bn in Nigeria – Punch Newspapers

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