Video Showing Cultural Link Bteweet Igbo (Proto Bantu) And Venda (Bantu) Peoples

Please try to watch the Venda film Nwana O Ngalangala ( meaning The Child Has Disappeared shocked) its a Venda film you can download

Let us tell you a little more about Venda. It is one of the official languages in South Africa. As we say at, Igbo socio-cultural/ socio economic influence from years ago can be felt right down to the Southern tip of Africa. We are proud of the Zulus and other Bantu groups because we see ourselves in them.

27 Igbo (Proto Bantu) And 27 Zimbabwean (Bantu) Names Begining With The ‘Chi’ Prefix

What Does Chibundu Onuzo Have In Common With Chibundu Gutuza? They aren’t from the same country – Onuzo is Nigerian, while Gutuza is Zimbabwean. They don’t share the same profession Onuzo is a writer while Gutuza is a member of the Zimbabwean Parliament. They don’t even share the same sex – Onuzo is female while Gutuza is male. So if you said they both share Bantu indigenous names, you would be right (and don’t tell me this isn’t so because the names have different meanings.

Even a toddler knows that the Igbos were the Proto Bantus; the first Bantus. Today Bantu culture encompasses millions of people in so many Central, Eastern and Southern African countries and in Nigeria (Igbos are Bantus as well as. Yes, we may not have had empires, but you cannot deny our cultural influence that stretched very deep into Africa and even beyond. Let me leave you with a few Zimbabwean (Bantu) and Igbo names that have the Chi prefix (naysayer, how did that come about?)

27 Zimbabwean (Bantu) Names With Chi Prefix

Chirwa, Chikukutu, Chinatsira, Chirongo, Chidyamakono, Chigumira, Chilimanzi, Chinyati, Chipfumbu, Chirinda, Chitepo, Chinamasa, Chimbidzayi, Chikaka, Chikarara, Chidzero, Chinamano, Chihota, Chimurenga, Chitungo, Chitengu, Chikowore, Chipanga, Chimene, and Chinyauro.

27 Igbo (Proto Bantu) Names With Chi Prefix

Chinenye, Chinasa, Chinwendu, Chinecherem, Chinedu, Chika, Chikaso, Chidubem, Chibuike, Chikwado, Chimma, Chinenye, Chimaraoke, Chimezie, Chigozie, Chizoba, Chinda, Chikezie, Chimamanda, Chikodiri, Chinonso, Chidimma, Chinonye, Chinwetara, Chinwoke, Chimamanda and Chidi, Chinyelugo.