The Oluyares: The Igbo Aborigines Of Ife Who Still Live There

Unknown to many, not all the Igbo aborigines of Ife followed Prince Chima, later Eze Chima out to their Anioma/Benin axis/ was sold into slavery to make up today’s Lucumi of the Americas. Among those that assimilated into the culture of the Yorubas are some that still have a well-recognised identity protected by the Yoruba people of Ile Ife today.

They are known as Iwinrin, Oluyare or Igare.

Kudos to the Yorubas who have encouraged peaceful coexistence with the Oluyare Igbos.

These Igbos live around Iwinrin, which has been described by Yoruba elders as Igbo town, and their chief is called Obawinrin.

They still play a very important role in Ife culture today, including in the famous Itapa Festival.

The Obawinrin is appointed by the Ooni of Ife.

Remember we have told you a lot about the Olukumis who followed Prince Chima, and we have also told you about the ones that were sold by their conquerors into slavery. We have told you that some of them remained and assimilated into the Yoruba race. These Oluyares are the ones that still maintain a presence in Ife till today.

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