Obatala, Father Of The Igbo Nation

“At the Yoruba Center in Havana, Cuba, Prof. Catherine Acholonu had this to state: “I saw among the Yoruba pantheon of gods at the center, the statue of a god named Obatala whose inscription/explanation read: Father of the Igbo nation…”

According to history Obatala was the title of the pre-existing kings of the Igbo nation in Ile Ife. These were the Igbos whose king (Obatala Oreluere), Queen Moremi married. They are today’s Anioma/Lucumi people, and an ancient civilization in their own right.

The Anioma roots go way back to the Nri area of Igboland, from where they started an ilu to the Ife area (today’s Yorubaland).

After the Moremi affair, the headquarters of the Anioma/Lukumi nation became the Onitsha and Iseleukwu kingdoms.

Other notable Anioma kingdoms include, but are not limited to:
•Olukwumi- named after the old Lukumi/ Ife/ Uhe kingdom/empire of the Igbos.

•Oguta (Imo State)-which retained the ancient Obatala title of ‘ Obi Osere Igbo’ . The Osere is in charge of the Owu festival of Oguta.

•Ogbaland, which preserves the Obatala’s Ife title of Oba Igbo, through their king’s Oba title.

•Onitsha Ugbo, which is a nostalgic combination of the words ‘Orisha’ and ‘Ugbo’.

Ezechima, who was the last Igbo titular prince in Benin as well as Crown Prince of the Igbos of Ife, retained some Benin titles as a result of a peace treaty with Ogiso Owodo, the last Ogiso of Benin.


Equianoism, by Prince Charles Offokaja


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  1. Wow, this is impressing. Please I will like those that have studied and those that are still studying Igbo history to try and straighten the story of how Igbos came about because with what I am seeing, I think we are one of the first creation of the world if not the first.

    We should also try and stop this nonsens that Igbos came from Israel because it can’t be true and it will never be.

    Let’s try and come together as one Igbo race and straighten our history because if we don’t do it now, our coming generation will be confused and frustrated.

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