Aba, The Billion Dollar City That Needs To Clean Up To Make It

The headline above describes the sentiments of the writer of the article I linked to below.

The article is basically a lamentation for Aba, the apparel and shoes capital of Africa which currently has a serious problem with refuse and flooding.

Governor Ikpeazu, transform this city. People are complaining bitterly, and I know you can.

See the article, including photos of the dirt

Our Reaction: The pictures of filth can be anywhere in Nigeria. But I guess the writer feels Aba should make an exception if it wants to really shine as an international industrial city.


30 Aba youths set to train others on automated shoe manufacturing

30 Aba-based youths have returned from Abia State sponsored automated shoe manufacturing training in China, and are to train 30 other Aba-based youths on it.

This is technology transfer. I hope this can lead to more shoe exports from Aba to African markets. Africa Free Trade Agreement must not go to waste!

Click here to see the youths and the high quality shoe soles they have already manufactured!


Ohaneze laments N118b abandoned FG projects in Abia State

“Over 800 projects were not completed and indigenous contractors absconded with the funds meant for the projects. We laud President Muhammadu Buhari’s courage to order forensic auditing of the accounts of NDDC.

“The weighty allegations and monumental fraud committed in Abia through NDDC unexecuted, uncompleted and abandoned projects and over N118 billion was siphoned by Abia indigenous contractors between 2015 and 2019.

“If there was such a huge fraud in Abia, there should be other weighty fraudulent activities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo, Rivers states.”

I can just imagine the developmental impact if these projects had been completed.🔥of anger!

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Abia To Begin Exporting Abia Rice (Osikapa Abia) – State Government

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Buhari Calls For Ariaria Based Shoe Manufacturers To Buy Leather From Kano Leather Makers, Not Congo Or Turkey

The presidential candidate of the Sustainable National Party (SNP), Ahmed Buhari, has called on the governments of Abia and Kano States to facilitate the sales of leather from Kano-based leather makers to shoe manufacturers in Ariaria Market, Aba, Abia State.

He frowned at a situation where leather that should be sold to Ariaria shoe manuacturers are sold to foreign shoe manufacturers.  

Speaking on a Pidgin program on Wazobia MAX TV, he called for Kano and Abia States to partner on leather sales for shoe manufacturing, he said, 

” The leather wey dem they take do this thing, where dey get am from? Congo.

“But do you know that in this same country, if you go to Kano, for Sharaga, you go find people wey dey do leather, for like 200 years. They are still dey there.

“Meanwhile Louboutin dey give out report in 2014, say Kano State na im be the second largest supplier of leather [to them].

“Wetin that one mean be say Louboutin, the big Louboutin for France, na Kano be im second largest supplier of leather.

“You go think say na wetin. But they [Kano leather makers] are selling a 3 meter by 3 meter piece of leather to Louboutin for only $3. 

“Louboutin go carry that same piece of leather carry go France. [Louboutin] fit process am make about 6 pairs of shoes to sell on the shelf for at least $5000 each.

“Wetin stop the Governor of Kano State and that of Abia State from saying, guy we should do a partnership [to sell leather to Ariaria artisans for shoemaking and export]?”